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10 Reasons to embrace Autumn

by Nostara PR

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10 Reasons to embrace Autumn

Feeling a bit fed up? You can’t just pop on a sundress, flip flops and sunnies and skip out of the house?

Us too! But, there are lots of things to look forward to about Autumn taking hold…

  1. The return of routine. If, like us, your summer’s been a bit of a juggle, Autumn can bring a reassuring sense of order to your days.
  2. Comfort food and curling up with a glass of red wine! Salads are no longer the go-to and you can indulge in warming treats instead. And anyway, when do you actually ‘curl up’ in summer? Pass the chunky knit blanket someone!
  3. Speaking of which, a nice bit of nesting can go on. We love putting a bit of a seasonal twist on our homes - bedding in deeper hues, a few more throws and cushions. Comfort and cosiness are key!
  4. Then, there’s the clothes thing. Much as we love the tropical brights we go for in summer, there’s that thrill of getting out your fave buttery soft leather handbag from the wardrobe. Ooh! feels like new all over again. Dark nails too. A bit shallow, yes, but we do love painting our nails in darker shades as winter sets in. Almost as much as getting out the colour pop shades a bit too early in spring!
  5. Then there’s the magazine take on the season. A guilty pleasure is having a good flick through the glossies. No doubt reading (for the 10th year in a row) that black is the new black and that berry colours might feature in your autumnal palette again… who knew?! 
  6. Kicking up the leaves! Bringing out your inner child on a walk and scuffing up some of the fallen leaves has to be an Autumn moment for everyone - or is that just us? Watching the leaves on the turn and popping to the nearest park has to be up there - any local friends love Stourhead Gardens as much as we do?
  7. Halloween, fireworks and bonfires - all the wintry rituals. Gotta love a bit of fancy dress? Well, one of us does! But we both like any excuse for a party!
  8. Box set bingeing. We both love getting into a good drama and it looks like there might be some brilliant ones coming out this Autumn. It’ll just be about finding enough time to sit down and watch it!
  9. Now, this one will either make your spirits soar or go down like a lead balloon. Christmas is getting nearer. You know which side you’re on. We’re both in the ‘is it too early to watch ‘Elf’ yet?’ camp! (Just had a thrill of excitement then, thinking about getting the decorations down - honestly! Ha ha!)
  10. You knew it was coming… lighting up your candles! Now we’re all going to be hibernating there’s nothing nicer. So, settle down for the evening with the golden glow of a candle and a gorgeous scent wafting in your room. Pass the matches, please!
Nostara PR
Nostara PR

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