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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The leaves were turning a beautiful autumnal russet and children were smartly kitted out in pristine new uniforms...and then you blinked. How are we hurtling so quickly towards Christmas?!

So, you meant to be more organised this year. You started out with good intentions and now the days are flying by! Well, let Nostara come to your rescue. You’ll find the perfect gift right here - delight your Mum, sister, friends, the man or woman in your life... with our luxury Christmas scented candle. Who wouldn’t love to find our Frosted Fir essential oils candle nestled in the foot of their stocking this year?

Easy as pie…(mince pie anyone?!)

Easy to wrap and with complimentary delivery on all orders, we don’t think you’ll find a more perfect present. Make it easy on yourself this Christmas and use our super easy online store to get Christmas all wrapped up. Make it a Frosted Fir candle all round!

Nostara’s Limited Edition Frosted Fir luxury scented candle is perfect to light up anyone’s Christmas. Dressed in it’s Christmas best box of forest green, it’s the epitome of a festive gift. Our iconic glassware motif has been re-imagined with a Christmas themed frosting and our box has had an extra gilding of rose gold embossing. Gorgeous!

And the fragrance?

Combining the crisp essence of a wintry walk with the glow of fireside warmth and featuring pure essential oils of Cedar Leaf, Cinnamon, Oakmoss Absolute, and Bergamot, our Frosted Fir Christmas candle will fill any room with festive cheer.

Indulgent top notes of spiced Clementines meld with citrus peels, before giving way to a sprinkling of Christmas Spices at the heart. Resinous base notes of fir balsam, sweet pine and deep undertones of earthy oakmoss root this enchanting fragrance.

Something a little different?

If you’re not sure that a full on Christmas-fest candle is your friends ‘cup of tea’, then treat them to our Bergamot & Black Tea scented candle or reed diffuser!  Or select from our other luxury fragrances in our carefully curated collection - go for their perennial favourite - whether that be our clean and airy ‘Linen & White Gardenia’ or the creamy based, indulgent treat of ‘Sweet Nectarine and Vanilla’. Zesty freshness more their thing? Go for the cool invigoration of ‘Lime & Juniper Berry’. Wanting something more decadent? That’s assured with the spicy, masculine undertones of ‘Burnished Amber’ or our seductive, feminine fragrance of ‘Ebony Rose’.

There really is something for everyone…so, make it easy on yourself and get clicking!

Nostara PR
Nostara PR

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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