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How to get the most from your candle

by Nostara PR

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How to get the most from your candle

Here's to 2018!

Well, Christmas seems like a distant memory - all that remains is the occasional stab of pine needle on the floor (we’ll probably be finding those until next Christmas!)...

Precious baubles have been wrapped and stored, and the even more beloved haul of child-made doily angels (with ever decreasing glitter!) will also have been tucked up in bed for another year.

So, how did you open up your Christmas presents?

Were you one of those carefully peeling open your gifts and digesting all instructions? Or, were you more of an excitable ‘rip-it-open-quick’ type, binning any instructions and just cracking on?

Well, this is one instance where the more considered approach really might get you a bit more for your money and rank you higher in the enjoyment stakes… as there are some invaluable little snippets in our candle care guide.

So, for all of you who opened in a flurry, here are some edited highlights - as we’d hate for you to miss out on these gems of home fragrance advice…

How to care for your candle

How hard can it be? Well, it’s not rocket science, but there are a few important pointers. Here are our tips and tricks that can really make a difference to the enjoyment and value you receive from your candle:
  1. Allow your candle to burn until the wax pool reaches the glass

This is really important andessential on the first burn because wax has a ‘memory’ - the size of the wax pool on the initial burn is largely the size of the wax pool from that point on. If the liquid wax pool does not reach the edge of the glass, then ‘tunneling’ can occur - this is where the wax around the outside edge of the jar will never burn, leaving a ‘tunnel’ effect…

We definitely don’t want you frustrated that valuable wax isn’t melting in your candle jar!

We recommend that you burn your candle for at least 2 hours on the first occasion, but for no more than 4 hours. Thereafter, we suggest you burn your candle for a minimum of an hour - or at least until the wax pool covers the surface.

This will also help with ensuring optimum fragrance throw and an even burn.

  1. Burn your candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time

Otherwise your candle jar and wax may get too hot. Your home will already be smelling divine anyway - save the indulgence of the Nostara fragrance for another time…

  1. Before each lighting, trim the wick to 5mm

This will help to prevent black smoke from appearing on the glass - you don’t want that spoiling your beautiful frosted Nostara glassware!

Don’t forget though, as your Nostara candle is made of 100% natural, sustainable soy wax, black smoke should not be the issue you would encounter with a paraffin wax candle.

  1. Never leave a burning candle unattended

Be safe!

  1. Don’t let the flame (or anything else) touch any part of the glass

Make sure there is nothing, except the wick, in your candle jar - for example, never leave a match stick in the jar etc.

  1. Make sure you place your candle on an even surface

  1. Don’t let your candle burn down to the base - extinguish it when 1cm of wax is left

Safety again! We don’t want the base of your candle jar getting too hot. You can use your lid as a stand for your candle when lit - it looks beautiful and protects your surface.

  1. Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles

So, if you are creating your own bespoke aroma, by burning more than one Nostara candle at a time, make sure they have sufficient space between them - again, so that your candle jars don’t get too hot.

  1. Keep your candle out of draughts and away from flammable materials

  1. Extinguish your candle by snuffing (using a snuffer or the back of a teaspoon)

This helps reduce the smell of smoke after using your candle and also helps prevent black smoke from appearing on the glass. You also won’t run the risk of blowing hot wax over your surfaces! And as for pinching out with your fingers? Well, that just hurts too much!

  1. Use your Nostara candle lid for storage - to keep your wax dust free

You can use your signature Nostara candle lid after burning your candle to keep the surface dust free, retain the beautiful fragrance and to have peace of mind that it is properly extinguished.

It’s vital that you make sure that your candle flame is out first and that you have removed the cardboard insert from your candle lid.

Don’t forget that your Nostara candle lid can also be used as a stand, to help protect your surfaces…

  1. Keep out of reach of children and pets

Let’s keep all your loved ones protected!

There you have it - a few hints to get you started and to keep you safe.

Now, let Nostara be at the heart of your home…enjoy!

Nostara PR
Nostara PR

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