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Launch day!

by Nostara PR

nostara launch image with candle and champagne glasses


3..2..1 - BLAST OFF!

After months and months of planning, working towards our big day of going LIVE on our website, the actual moment was rather eclipsed by all the prep needed for our launch party that evening. But, nothing could take away the burst of excitement at the first purchase through (Thanks, Aunty Sue! Lol). It was real! Nostara was out there!

It was a hive of activity all day, until the time to face our public arrived - the first proper showing of what we’d been working on all this time - like the first outing of a newborn babe, we felt vulnerable, but excited as we did the big reveal.

Lists, lists and more lists…

It’s how we roll! Can’t break the habits of a lifetime now!

Prosecco on ice? Check ✔

Venue dressed? Check ✔

Canapes at the ready? Check ✔

Newly broken elbow? Check ✔

Sick child? Check ✔

Yes, we don’t like to make it too easy on ourselves! So, with three hands between us we lurched into the launch and set to work mingling between all the lovely, glamorous ladies who had come out on a dark autumn night to support us.

Hands on hearts, we knew we loved everything about the luxury scented candles and reed diffusers...but what would everyone else think? With a blend of trepidation and pride we showed people into the various fragrance zones (Ebony Rose here, Burnished Amber there), and then to the table of cloches for an up close and personal comparison of the launch collection.

Gifting made easy

You could barely hear yourself think over the chatter, let alone hear the playlist - the atmosphere was buzzing! There was much deliberation over which fragrances were their favourites and quite a few ladies juggling rather a lot of boxes…”Well, I couldn’t decide!”. There were lots of “Perfect for their birthday/Housewarming/Wedding” and even more “That’s Christmas sorted!”. Who can blame them with our divine Frosted Fir Limited Edition Christmas Candle? (Buy now, to avoid disappointment!). There were also plenty of “And this one’s for me!” comments, as extra little treats were popped in the bags.

And so, full of bubbles, giggles and laden with Nostara boxes, they went back to their homes - to promptly cosy up with their flickering Nostara candles. Thanks for posting your photos, ladies - sharing is caring! Thanks too for kicking us off with such rave reviews - it means so much.

Thank you, thank you!

It seems we needn’t have worried quite as much as we did. We seem to have made quite a few people very happy, so that’s just great. And we’re feeling the love too. In fact, we’ve been quite overwhelmed by the reaction we’ve had, so this is where we send out a big thank you to everyone involved in our journey so far and ‘Join us’ to those of you who’d like to come along for the ride. We don’t know where it’s going yet, but it’s been a blast so far!

Nikki & Alex

Nostara PR
Nostara PR

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