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Our New Fragrance Release

One of the questions we’re most asked by men? “When are you going to do a more manly one, then?”

We listen to their very helpful new scent suggestions (coffee, gun shot, beer, petrol and full English breakfast to name just a few!). Then they have a try of our range, and find they do actually like our fragrances already. Lime & Juniper, Bergamot & Black Tea and Burnished Amber being the most popular, in case you were wondering...

Keen to please our customers, we took up the challenge of creating a new fragrance that would appeal to all, with rich, darker undertones. 

It’s been a long process! But, we’re very excited to announce that our efforts have come together and we're releasing our new fragrance this Wednesday! It will initially be available in our 200g candle, our 60g travel candle (perfect to give it a try) and our 200ml diffusers (which you know last for ages!)

That’s right. Not content with travelling the country, far and wide, meeting new customers and selling our wares, we’ve also been beavering away in the background.

Perfumery play

Behind the scenes, we’ve worked alongside our fantastic perfumer to create this amazing new fragrance. What’s it called? You’ll have to wait! What are the notes? Again, all will be revealed soon!

What we can tell you is, it’ll be worth the wait. It’s a deep and decadent aroma which is rather addictive. We also felt it deserved to look a little special, so we’ve created some new packaging which we know you’ll love (complementing our core range, of course). Distinctive and premium, it will make a lovely addition to your home and the perfect present.    

The big reveal

The launch itself? We’re honoured to say that our premium Country Store stockists, E J Churchill, in High Wycombe are generously hosting the event for us.  Set in the stunning grounds of the Sir Edward Dashwood’s estate, we’ll be introducing the fragrance in the atmospheric setting of one of their lodges. Styled to perfection and, naturally, smelling divine this will be the first glimpse of the product that we’ve worked on for so long. 

Fizz, canapés and new dresses? Check. Fabulous goody bags? Indeed they are! Very grateful thanks to our wonderful collaborators on this: Brambledown Designs, Pittards UK, Plate, Roo-tid, Viper Gin, Wildflower magazine and Your Horse & Country magazine. 

So, with just 3 days to go:

Are we surrounded by boxes? Yes

Are we writing millions of lists? Of course!

Are we feeling stressed? You bet

But are we beyond excited? We certainly are!

So, do spare us a thought, as we try to survive the week. (Did we mention that we also have fairs on Monday and Tuesday? Oh, and also Friday to Sunday (see you back in Hyde End!)

From Wednesday 16th October 2019, you’ll be able to check out our brand new fragrance and buy via our website and social media. Hope you like it! Let us know what you think!

Nostara PR
Nostara PR

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