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Wild Tweed - Fun in the sun!

by Nostara PR

Nostara Luxury Home Fragrance Wild Tweed Event Shopping Pavilion

Fun in the sun!

We had a wonderful, balmy Bank Holiday weekend at Wild Tweed - The Definitive Country Show - set in the glorious grounds of EJ Churchill, High Wycombe.

With a laid back, festival vibe outside on the lawn, visitors chilled on their picnic blankets sipping on cheeky Pimms or fabulously smooth champers courtesy of www.charlesheidsieck.com. With cool tunes by Jack Pack www.jackpackofficial.com and co, free range children danced around (in liberty prints and pom poms, naturally) and dogs found dappled shade near the bluebells… Utter bliss!

This was our first big show and we were delighted to take our place in the Shopping Pavilion with lots of other premium brands, all cherry-picked by the www.thenextevent.co.uk. In case you didn’t make it (or if you did - as an aide memoire), here’s a run down of the luxury labels featured… we can feel an internet shopping spree coming on!

Let's take you on a tour round the Pavilion...

First of all, we were in awe of the exquisite, contemporary embroidery all handmade by Hattie McGilll at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HattieMcGill and the arty, rural homewares of www.christielloyd.co.uk.

Then, there was our neighbour for the weekend, Sally, at www.ivyt.co.uk - classic tees in luxury jersey “It’s all about the cut!”. And our other neighbour, the lovely Dee at www.facebook.com/deevarajewels with her amazing jewellery and exquisite wraps - we’re like magpies when it comes to jewellery and we were flocking around her stand, just like everyone else! Rock those rocks!

The beautiful family fromwww.yoloretreats.co.uk tempted us with their 5* luxury retreat location in the Cotswolds… we’re sure we could do with a fitness challenge programme from them and will be spreading the word to all our gym-bunny friends.   

The adorable Ruby of www.marmadukelondon.com was on hand with quintessentially British gentlemen’s tailoring - the linen shirts and Nehru jackets caught everyone’s eye and there were lots of little girls choosing daddy a new silk tie!

Talking of which, we were asking ourselves ‘How have our children grown up so quickly?’ and wishing we could dress them in the perfect-for-little-poppets clothes of www.little-woodlands.com (our favourite design? Pip the Hedgehog) www.wildchildlondon.co.uk (perfect comfy, cool pieces for little dudes) and not forgetting the adorable frilly offerings of www.rosieandlula.com (can we get them in our size please?!) All things nice, indeed!

Scandi-inspired, wooden homeware was the next order of the day, from thewoodworkstrading.co.uk. Contemporary design with a rustic edge - so tactile!

It was great to meet our fellow fragrancers from www.ruthmastenbroek.com with their award-winning perfume and we absolutely fell in love with the stunning silk dresses and scarves at www.ethereallondon.com. Neeeeed the Ophelia Dark design now!

We met the ladies from www.crestedandcountry.co.uk all the way from Yorkshire and admired their equestrian influenced handbags and belts - such detailing!

Next stop was www.layeredlounge.com with their perfectly curated collection of homewares in a contemporary palette – truly covetable, design led pieces…

Followed by www.roadrags.cc purveyors of Merino cycling gear and stylish country wear - fancy a bit of tweed anyone? Perfect for the location.

We loved meeting the glamorous Katie of www.katievaledesigns.com with her bespoke millinery for all special occasions. We’re busy thinking of an excuse to commission one!

And we mustn't forget the talented Emma at www.emmabenz.co.uk in her artist’s workshop - with her beautiful prints to buy. Her children’s workshop produced some amazing pieces of art - round of applause for everyone!

General floral loveliness was provided by the family affair known as www.hollyandivyflowers.co.uk - why not sign up for one of their workshops and see if you can recreate some of their beautiful displays?

Lunch time was a challenge - choosing between all the tempting artisan food, but a pizza from www.doughanddeer.co.uk (with their venison salami option - see what they did there?) went down a treat!

So, there you have it - a  whistle-stop tour - make sure to check them all out!

Getting to know you…

But, even though we were surrounded by all those gorgeous bits and bobs, the best bit of the weekend was definitely getting to know everyone - all our lovely customers and fellow brand owners. We also loved meeting all the bloggers, vloggers and Instagram stars who came to visit us - and having our 15 seconds of fame thanks to the lovey guys, Ross and Ian from @our1930sfixerupper and www.our1930sfixerupper.com! We were so pleased that they came to say hello - and for their tips and friendliness! We were thrilled (if terrified!) to be featured in their Instagram story and are hoping their followers love our packaging and adore all our scents as much they did!

Last but not least, a shout out to our fellow attendees up from Somerset - the ladies from Bibic Charity www.bibic.org.uk (where did you leave your tractors?!). Congratulations guys on keeping all the children so brilliantly entertained and all the work you do back at the office.


Nostara PR
Nostara PR

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