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The best winter candles for Christmas

Our favourite scented candles to create a cosy ambience at home this winter.


As the nights draw in, there is no better time to shut out the cold and settle into a cosy chair with your favourite winter candle.

Winter candles are a perfect addition to family dinners, quiet evenings and moments of quiet reflection. One thing is sure, fragrance evokes so much emotion and our favourite scented candles do not disappoint.

Some of our favourite brands are

Jo Loves

Neom Organics

Miller Harris



Two or three hours should be plenty of time for a lit scented candle to fill a room with fragrance. Just be sure to burn until the top surface of wax is fully molten otherwise future burns will be uneven and exhibit a ‘tunnelling’ effect where there is a lot of wasted wax.

Some candles have a lid to keep the dust off and help control fragrance throw. The best candles have great ‘cold throw’ where they release their fragrance and scent your room even when unlit.

High quality candles will use sustainable natural waxes and are available in different sizes. Typical 1-wick candles burn for around 40 hours and many 3-wick candles burn for around 80 hours and make an amazing decorative statement in your home.

Winter Wonderland Scented Candle Frosted Fir Scented Candle













We love fragrance here at Nostara and whilst we love our own products, we also love many other home fragrances. Hopefully you can find your favourite from our list above. Find Frosted Fir and Winter Wonderland here.