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We just dipped into the “pop up” venue in Stow and discovered the Nostara gem. Adore this Patchouli and Sandalwood scent; soon to become our home’s signature fragrance!

Lovely lasting scent

I’ve bought Nostara candles and love the long lasting beautiful scents. I purchased a diffuser as my living room was smelling a bit “doggy” and it’s been great - as soon as I enter the room, the smell envelopes you in a good way and I’m very happy with it.

Bodycare Sample Set
Andrew Hurford
Smelly stuff

I have been buying shower gel from a premium brand for many years but the quality ethical values and British manufacture has changed my allegiance, lovely stuff. Andrew Hurford

Organic scent

Simple design bottle with lovely natural organic scent. Not overpowering, love it!

Sublimely devine.....

I received delivery yesterday of the burnished amber travel candle and diffuser. The aroma is warm and intoxicating. The sample fragrances are lovely too and I am now fixated on the mimosa fresh but with a lovely warmth to the scent.

I found the range a while ago in a small shop in Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire and was immediately drawn to the burnished amber candle in a cloche. I kept a note of the name and recently decided to purchase, so pleased I did! May I say that the whole shopping experience has been amazing!


This is the second one I’ve bought - reasonably priced, last much longer than other makes, and the fragrance is lovely, not overpowering
Arrived within two days of ordering!


Lovely scent, well packaged and delivered promptly. Please make a refill version of this

Sample testing

I found that the smell didn’t last long on the sink..

New favourite smell..

The scent on this is lovely….it fills the house with a wonderful calm frangrance…


I have this in my bedroom. It makes the room smell lush!!

Fragrance Sample
Blue Rose
Sample testing

I was sent two samples, which was amazing as most do not offer this service so freely and so promptly. The two samples were Mimosa Flower and Leather and Vertiver. Both are very lovely, even addictive scents. Mimosa Flower is such a soft, delicate essence but with a slight saltiness in the background. It has a feeling of smearing the oil of the flower onto your skin and the willingness to linger there. It has a vibrancy that feels almost refreshing on a summers' day. I am taking the sample on holiday to test out how it works on a really hot sunny day. There is something in the heart of this scent that makes you want to smell it again and again.

I also tested the leather and vertiver, though this might be considered a more masculine scent, it works well as a feminine scent. It's heavy and smoky and addictive. it's hard to say exactly what it is, but once sprayed, you want to continue to smell it in the base of you skin scent... it is one that is great to base layer over another more floral scent. On its own, it can be quite a cosy, wrap up warm and hunker down in front of a fire type of smell but equally, it has a slight austere feel that makes it great to wear in the evening to an expensive night out where you'll find leather chairs and heavy cigars or somewhere like the opera or ballet. It's a scent to impress. I wouldn't go clubbing wearing this one, rather I'd go to dinner with that someone special person who I wanted to come back to smell my neck again and again. But that's just a personal opinion.

Unfortunately, the sillage and projection are weak on both of these fragrances and so neither seem to last long on the skin or project far. it is best to spray a little on some clothing to keep the scents alive and feel surrounded by the smell of either. It's worth doing, because they are both lovely scents.

A lovely fragrance.

The Most Gorgeous Fragrance EVER

I purchased this product at a country fair and was a little reluctant on the price. However, when I took it out of the box and set it up in my home, I would have gone back and purchased it at twice the price. Honestly, this is the most beautiful fragrance. My house has smelt gorgeous for months and everyone who comes in comments on the smell of my home. I have just made another purchase.


This is one of the most beautiful fragances I've ever experienced. I usually use soap but I'll be using this in the shower from now on.

Fragrance Sample
Jenny Saunter I love the fragrance it keeps me fresh.perfect for the summer
Floral Mimosa Fragrance

I love the fragrance it is perfect for summer to keep you fresh.

Burnished amber reeds diffuser

Beautiful smell lasts months
Best diffuser I’ve used


Amazing diffuser!
I absolutely love this smell it’s really clean and fresh and lasts a really long time. Very high end ❤️

Excellent product

I love this. The perfume is wonderful and lasting without being overpowering.It’s a natural fragrance so no harsh chemical taint as with so many other products of this kind and I’ve tried, or been given, quite a few! I’m on my fourth diffuser and can’t imagine ever tiring of it because it’s gentle and unassuming. It has proved to be a welcome discovery.

Fragrance Sample
Carol Orpin
Fragrance sample

I love the fragrance it is perfect for summer to keep you fresh.

Fragrance Sample
Julie Brown

Lovely fragrance


It really is a beautiful aroma. Not overpowering at all. I love it!

Beautiful fragrance

This perfume is so lovely. I normally wear the Jo Malone Mimosa fragrance and, dare I say, I actually think I prefer this one - and it lasts longer!! Please don’t ever stop making this!! My next purchase will be the other perfume :-)

Mimosa body wash

The fragrance is lovely and is so easy to use I love it.

Bodycare Travel Set
Julie Brown

Great travel size and smell nice too


Lovely candle smells of Christmas