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Nostara Event Schedule

The Nostara events team will be attending a number of events throughout 2021 as Covid restrictions are relaxed. Please come along for a chat - we look forward to meeting you. There is no better way to try our bespoke home fragrances than in a face environment where we can help you find the perfect scent for you and your home.

September 23rd, Newbury Autumn Gift Fair

September 28 - 29, Early Early Christmas Fair

October 13 - 15, Rockbourne Fair

October 27 - 30, Cheltenham Christmas Gift and Fashion Fair

November 2 - 3, Cancer Research Fair

November 8 - 11, Cotswold Fair

November 18 - 20, Midwinter Fair

November 20 - 21, Macmillan Fair

November 23, Beaufort Fair

November 24, Wincanton Fair

November 26 - 27, Clem's Fair

December 5, Minstead Fair