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Scented Candle Care

To make the most of your Nostara soy wax candle, please follow these guidelines:

Allow your candle to burn until the wax pool reaches the glass, for optimum fragrance throw and an even burn.

This is essential on the first burn because wax has a 'memory', and the size of the wax pool on the initial burn is largely the size of the wax pool from that point on. If the wax pool does not reach the edge of the glass, then 'tunneling' can occur - this is where the wax around the outside edge of the jar will never burn, leaving a 'tunnel' effect.

Nostara scented candle on shelf with green fern

Scented Candle Tips

Before each lighting, trim the cotton wick to 5mm. This will help to prevent black smoke from appearing on the glass.

Don’t let your candle burn down to the base - extinguish it when 10mm of wax is left.

Extinguish your candle by snuffing (using a snuffer or teaspoon). This helps reduce the smell of smoke after using your candle and helps prevent black smoke from appearing on the glass. It also means that you will not have hot wax being blown over your surfaces. And using your fingers - well, that just hurts too much!

Nostara scented candle with rose gold lid on decorated table

Scented Candle Safety

Make sure you place your candle on an even surface.

Burn your candle for 2-4 hours at a time.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Don’t let the flame touch any part of the glass.

Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles.

Keep away from draughts and flammable materials.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Nostara scented candle in christmas setting

Reed Diffuser Care

To make the most of your soy based Nostara reed diffuser, please follow these guidelines:

Carefully remove stopper from glass and insert reeds.

Fan the reeds out, so they can disperse the fragrance effectively.

Consider where to position your reed diffuser - placing it in an area where there is air circulation and movement will help to disperse the fragrance.

Nostara reed diffuser in minimal kitchen with green leaves

Reed Diffuser Tips

The environment in which you place your reed diffuser will also affect the consumption of liquid.

Dry and warm conditions will mean that the reeds will dry out quicker, and so will soak up the liquid faster.

Regularly turn the reeds for optimal fragrance throw. The more reeds you add, the stronger the scent throw. You can flip a few reeds every few days, or all the reeds everyday.

Keep in mind that the more reeds you flip, and the more regularly, the faster the liquid will evaporate. You may wish to use less reeds in smaller rooms, so that the fragrance does not overpower the space.

Nostara scented reed diffuser on a dressed table with stoneware bowls

Reed Diffuser Safety

Be careful not to spill the liquid as this may damage surfaces.

When flipping the reeds, we recommend that you protect your surface, and that you wipe the glass to ensure there are no drips.

Make sure that you place your reed diffuser on an even surface.

Not for consumption.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Nostara scented reed diffuser on glass table next to leather chair