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Christmas Candle Perfection

Creating the fragrance of Christmas

Q: What do you get if you have 3 Christmas fanatics meeting in July to create a Christmas candle fragrance?

A: The perfect Christmas Candle!

Well, we like to think it’s perfection! The Nostara limited edition winter fragrance sums up all that is Christmas to us. We’re obsessed!

So, having had our lessons with the award winning perfumer, Marina Barcenilla, we were thrilled that she wanted to co-create the Nostara Christmas scented candle. Collaborating with her was not only exciting but a real privilege. Her talents as a perfumer helped us to create a multi-layered fragrance. It transported us to the magic of Christmas morning, in the middle of summer! Read more about Marina in our previous Nostara Notebook.

We needed to develop a fragrance that was gorgeous as a perfume, but also worked in luxury scented candles. No mean feat…

With assorted Christmas music on a loop, we set to work on the creation. Blending essential oils of Oakmoss Absolute, Cinnamon, Bergamot and Cedar Leaf, the aroma of Christmas started to build (we felt like we were in the middle of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ video!) We admired Marina’s passion for essential oils, and her expertise in using them. We wanted to ensure that Nostara’s luxury Christmas fragrance included these naturals and are proud to have such a high percentage of essential oils in our Christmas scented candle.

Our 100% natural soy, limited edition Christmas candle, ‘Frosted Fir’ combines the essence of a frosted forest with indulgent notes of spiced clementines - encapsulating the magic of Christmas! Bringing the outdoors in, it will keep you cosy for the countdown to Christmas and into the winter beyond.

The stunning Christmas box, the exquisite Christmas themed frosting on our glassware and the divine aroma - the Nostara ‘Frosted Fir’ scented candle is our Christmas gift to you. Your new Christmas ritual…

Imagine the crunching of fresh snow underfoot, as night starts to fall in the forest. The warm glow of a fire inside, the mantelpiece laden with a berried garland. The sweet aroma of spiced baked treats wafting from the cosy kitchen, the table piled high with a centrepiece of seasonal fruits… That’s the magic you’ll discover with the debut Christmas candle from Nostara - Frosted Fir.

“Make your Christmas sparkle with the enchanting fragrance of Frosted Fir!”