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Leather & Vetiver

Leather & Vetiver

And so here it is... our long awaited new luxury home fragrance Leather & Vetiver has now been released!

Our new scent has been created, as in perfumery, with distinctive and complex notes using luxurious, pure essential oils. Our soy wax candles and soy-based diffusers are now available at our online store. We also have travel candles and our lovely room mists will be added soon in this fabulous fragrance.


What’s it like?

So, what does it smell like? 

With its confident, masculine redolence, this fragrance is a darker addition to our collection. This scent will bring a sense of drama to any space, with its deep, musky backdrop and powerful presence.

The fragrance opens with strong notes of leather and incense, giving way to earthy, woody tones. Smoky vetiver and oud are the backdrop to this enigmatic fragrance. 


What was the inspiration?

So, why did we create it? As you probably know, team Nostara has been country-wide for almost the last 18 months. We've been at the best country and lifestyle events to introduce the brand.

Whilst on our travels, one of the most commonly asked questions was when we were going to create a more ‘manly’ fragrance. Suggestions helpfully (?!) included coffee, gun powder, beer and even petrol! We felt that many of our existing fragrances already had a diverse appeal, but we took up the challenge and worked with our perfumer to come up with Leather & Vetiver, which has rich, dark undertones.


Launch Day!

The launch took place at our prestigious stockists, E J Churchill, in an atmospheric lodge, illuminated by our fabulous scented candles and twinkling fairy lights... and what a night! We loved the event and hope that our guests did too. We felt that we had a chance to connect with all our lovely supporters of the new product and felt very privileged to have had such a positive reception to our new line. We also want to give a big shout out to our husbands and friends who came to help us on the night.

We shall be eternally grateful to E J Churchill for their support of our fledgling brand and to our wonderful goody bag out on our social media ('Nostara' on Facebook and '@nostaraluxury' on Instagram), for a chance to win one of these #bestevergoodybags soon!

Many thanks to @brambledowndesigns, @georgedraginww, @pittards_uk,, @roo_tid_ltd, @viper_gin @warners_gin @wildflowermagazine @yourhorseandcountry for their contributions.

By the way, did you know that you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @nostaraluxury.


The ‘mandle’ is out there!

In bespoke new styling of black frosted glass and silver lid, we feel very proud to introduce this new, premium addition to our collection.

Leather & Vetiver was a long time in the making; from the creation of the scent - playing with the essential oils (#bestdayever), to the development of our brand design and graphics for the new fragrance. And, until the official name of Leather & Vetiver was chosen, we had fun working on our ‘mandle’, as it was nicknamed (that’s ‘man candle’ to you and us!). With appeal to everyone, this moody blend has been exceptionally well received.

Why not try it today? Either order online (use code: LV20 for 20% off your entire order) or check out our ‘Events’ page online and come and sample it in person. The reception we’ve had at so far has been fantastic... experience it for yourself!