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Looking back on 2019

Welcome to 2020!

Well, it’s all over for another year!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. It sometimes feels that all the hype is over all too quickly but it’s one of the holidays when you make time for your family, and those nearest and dearest to you. Parties, food, and wine are all in abundance. This certainly happened in Nikki’s house, with two adult boys, the challenge was to try and keep up with them. Whilst Alex enjoyed a family Christmas in an All Inclusive resort in Mexico where food and drink flowed! 

So as a new year begins we reflect on the past year.

January saw us celebrate our second calendar year of trading. And what a year it was - we both learnt so much - what started as a fun project ended up being a real business that demanded our full time and we were loving it! 

We became public speakers in February with our first WI talks. The ladies couldn’t have been more welcoming and supportive.

March, April, and May the fair season began - we were well and truly exhibitors on the fair circuit!

June was super exciting as we were awarded the Successful Women in Business Award for Best New Business. Thank you so much @swibtribe.

 July, August, and September meant more fairs - this time in the sunshine.  And holidays for Alex and Nikki.

October was a special month for us - not only is it Nostara’s Birthday month and we turned 2. But, we also launched our new fragrance - Leather & Vetiver. After months and months of planning new glassware and new packaging we were thrilled to host an evening @EJChurchill. We can’t thank Victoria and her team enough for all their support, and of course our family and friends who mucked in as well! We’d also like to thank all the people that attended and the buzz that they created around it. The very fact that we sold out in 4 weeks was just fantastic!

November and December we were barely at home (our choice) - we decided we were really going to get out there and do as many fairs as humanly possible. From @maryhowardfairs in the Cotswolds to Burghley Christmas Fair near Peterborough, we traveled the country. We managed it with a lot of help from friends and family. It proved to be great for us - we met lots of lovely customers so thank you to all of you who came to our stand. 

So, there you have it, a whole year in a few short paragraphs. It certainly seemed to fly by very quickly.  

Where to now?

Well, we have some sad news for Nostara, Alex has decided to step away from the business. This was a difficult decision and one not taken lightly. Nostara will carry on, it will just be a little different. Obviously some things will have to change but Nikki’s focus is very much on the business so she hopes with your continued support it will continue to grow.

Nikki would like to take this opportunity to thank Alex and to reassure people that they are still the best of friends! 

So the mantra ‘New Year, New You’ is certainly true for Nostara. 

Thank you to all our subscribers and customers for your support of our brand - Nikki hopes to meet you again in 2020! xx