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On the nice list? Make it Nostara...

On the nice list? Make it Nostara…

So you want to show you really care this Christmas? Your friends and family deserve to be on the ‘nice’ list, so make it Nostara.

But, which fragrance to buy?

The Nostara collection has been carefully curated to have something for everyone. So let us help you hit the right note…

We know it can be overwhelming to choose the right present, but picking the right scent can really show how much you value them. There’s no other sense as transportive and nostalgic as smell - selecting something so personal will show how much thought you’ve put into their gift this year.

Pay attention!

Just by noting their little likes and dislikes, you can start to narrow down which scent is perfect for them. Know they have a sweet tooth? Look to our dreamy, creamy Sweet Nectarine & Vanilla aroma. Do they hanker after spa days? Our Bergamot & Black Tea candles tick the box for getting you in a meditative state as well as smelling utterly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Do they always have fresh flowers in their home? Look to the light florals of our Linen & White Gardenia (also with heart notes of Jasmine and Lily) or to our more decadent, sumptuous interpretation of Rose, with our Ebony Rose.

Always plotting their holidays - travel brochures everywhere or clicking on the latest deals? Whisk them away with the exotic fragrance of Burnished Amber.

If you’re just not sure, run with our zesty and invigorating Lime & Juniper Berry - gender neutral and universally liked, who wouldn’t love an energy burst?

Come fly with me…

Then there’s the next decision: what to buy? Candle or diffuser? Well, you’ll know if they’re a die-hard candle fan - the flicker and glow an ever present feature in their homes. Well go with that - you know they’ll love to cosy up on these winter evenings and appreciate how right you got their gift this year.

Know they’ve got more of a low effort approach? Too busy with their hectic social lives to be in of an evening, but still want the welcome of a divine, signature scent for their home? Easy: a diffuser it is. All they’ll need to do is turn the reeds every now and then - to amp up the fragrance, and they’re sorted.

What if they're off jet setting all the time? Make it our newest addition - with extra cute factor, our small, but perfectly formed, travel candles pack a punch. With a burn time of 15 hours, they can take a little piece of home away with them, Business or pleasure, they’ll still be reminded of home, and of you.

So, there you have it

The point is: make it personal.

Show how much you know them - that’s the greatest gift.