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Wedding Days

Wedding Days

We’re thrilled that it’s wedding season again - celebrating all things love and romance. Plus, the chance to dress up, have a glass of bubbly and an excuse to dance! Our time of lots of weddings seems to have’s more milestone birthday celebrations for us, but we’re so excited because we’re now starting to fragrance weddings!

We met a lovely new customer at the Spring Homes and Garden Fair at Sudeley Castle - she’d been searching for months for the perfect signature scent for her big day, but hadn’t found ‘the one’. Accompanied by her mum and friend she sampled all of our range… ending her search right there (choosing our Bergamot & Black Tea, in case you’re interested).

Fragrancing your special day is becoming increasingly popular for couples wishing to add another layer to their day - a subtle way to make your day unique and memorable.

The ‘Meghan effect’

So, the dream outfits have been selected and the venue is booked but, as we all know, it’s all in the details - and it doesn’t get more evocative than fragrance. Call it the ‘Meghan effect’ if you will… although we’re all cooing over the pics of adorable Archie now, it doesn’t seem like five minutes since we were hearing about Meghan and Harry’s nuptials and their spritzing of their signature scent for the day. And if it’s good enough for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex…

More and more couples are seeking to add an olfactory experience to their day - and what better way to make it extra special and more memorable? We all know what a powerful sense smell is, so how fabulous that by infusing a signature aroma to your day, you’ll be able to recapture the emotion of the day with just a waft of that scent?

Perhaps your choice of Church, Registry Office or old manor house could do with a fragrant lift? From candles dotted around the venue to diffusers and mists in the powder room, it pays to go for quality - soy wax is essential for that long, clean burn and, naturally, you’ll want to choose a luxury, British brand which is niche and exclusive.

Oh, and just ask your photographer - the candle light will add a gorgeous amber glow to your photos too, making them truly Instagram worthy, putting you  and your guests in 'soft-focus’ - what’s not to like?!


Clear off the ‘to do’ list

So, let Nostara come to your rescue - remove one more ‘to do’ from your list and contact us about a Wedding Consultation. We can create a bespoke package to suit your needs… just get in touch by clicking here and tell us when your big day is (or perhaps you’re a mother or friend of the bridal couple and want to know more - just get in touch!) We’ll help you match your colours, season, themes and flowers to one of our collection, whether you want your day to be a celebration of enchantment or have a more edgy vibe.

The gift of giving

Then there are the presents! Whisk your guests back to your celebrations with the perfect keepsake. Give favours of our cute travel candles and treat the VIPS of your party to gifts from our collection too - the perfect mementos.

Oh, and if it’s not your own big day, make sure you enjoy the happiness,the bubbles and throw some shapes on the dance floor!