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Winter is coming

Winter is coming!

Countdown to Christmas

How are we here again already?! No sooner have we (almost) recovered from our launch, than we are heading full throttle into Christmas! 

So, we have a full line up of events - no surprise there - where we’re trying to help our customers solve all their gifting dilemmas. Although it does have to be said that, at the time of writing, many people are not yet in the zone on Christmas present buying. The phrase ‘No, they’re all for me!’ is often heard at our fairs. And why not?!

Shop ‘til you drop

All that’s about to change this week, as we know there are some serious shoppers at our next events. Firstly at our lovely stockists, The Lavender Rooms Christmas Event at Hestercombe House, Taunton and at the Essex Christmas Fair at Cressing Temple Barns this weekend.

Then comes our 4 day extravaganza at the prestigious Mary Howard fair 12th - 15th November (at which Alex will be celebrating her birthday, so come and buy lots on the 14th to make her day!)

Come and check out our exclusive gift sets in our new Leather and Vetiverfragrance.

Christmas in a jar

Our other hot tip? Bag your limited edition Christmas Frosted Fir candles asap, as they’re selling like hotcakes. 

Those of you who’ve met us at fairs know that we’re particularly proud of this creation. Not least because it captures the essence of a cool, snowy forest, but especially because on the day we came up with it, it was one of the hottest days of the year! We’re convinced that our tactic of playing Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ song was a key factor in its success!

We wanted to offer a Christmas scent that was a bit different to the usual sweet and spicy offerings. A candle that would bring the outside in. We had in mind anyone who has a beautiful faux Christmas tree or just feels that real ones don’t smell like they used to. We thought they’d love to have the smell of a real old fashioned Christmas Tree, this festive season. Why not try it in your home? Also, keep your eyes peeled as we’re about to offer it as a room mist too - so you can spritz the spruce around.

If that doesn’t sound quite like your thing, then we’ve got plenty of other options... 

What makes our diffusers so great?

With our diffusers often lasting much longer than our 4-6 months guide, these really are the gift that keeps on giving. We wouldn’t be surprised if your lucky recipient was still enjoying their luxury home fragrance a year from now. It’s all because we use a soy base - it doesn’t just evaporate as an alcohol base would. Instead, it keeps on going. Plus, soy is a really good carrier for fragrance too, so it really does what it says on the tin (or should that be ‘beautifully frosted glass’?!)

We’re absolutely passionate about our diffusers, because they exceed even our (very high) expectations. We love that you can walk into your home and be greeted by your favourite smell without even having to find a matchstick.

We also love that it’s a real worry free gift. We get lots of customers who are buying for older relatives or are concerned about having a naked flame, but would love to have a fragrance permeating their space. Our diffusers and room mists overcome this, effortlessly.


For the candle lovers…

Then there are our soy candles. Lasting for 40 hours burn time, they really do fill a room with both fragrance and a glowing ambience. What’s not to love? Check out our full range - there really is something for everyone. 

Happy Christmas shopping!