Frosted Fir Fragrance - Nostara

Frosted Fir Fragrance

Imagine the crunching of fresh snow underfoot, as night starts to fall in the forest...Step inside to the warm glow of a fire, the mantelpiece laden with a berried garland. Sweet aromas of spiced baked treats and seasonal fruits waft in from the cosy kitchen. Presents wrapped, nestled under the sparkle of the Christmas tree...That’s the magic you’ll discover with Nostara’s debut Winter fragrance - Frosted Fir. This Winter fragrance is a mixed media creation made in collaboration with award-winning Perfumer Marina Barcenilla. It combines a pure, natural essential oils with carefully chosen synthetic aroma molecules, that enhance the olfactory effect. The fragrance includes essential oils of Oakmoss Absolute, Cedar Leaf, Cinnamon and Bergamot.