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Our Story

Nostara founder Nikki Holt portrait

The story of Nostara luxury home fragrance begins in 2017 in the heart of Somerset.

I had enjoyed many happy years as a stay-at-home mum but when my eldest son left for university, I felt I needed a new challenge in my life. I was always passionate about fragrance, so I combined that with my love of beautiful things to create my own luxury home fragrance brand.

The name, Nostara, was derived from Ostara, the Goddess of Spring, symbolising new beginnings: the perfect metaphor for my new venture.

I am very proud that Nostara is a British brand sourcing locally where possible. All fragrances are bespoke to us and developed lovingly by myself and an award-winning perfumer - a process that I thoroughly enjoy and one that ensures all my creations are unique and inextricably linked to my experiences and favourite places.

My goal was to create a range of natural soy wax candles and soy-based reed diffusers using essential oils, that not only look stylish but smell amazing – the sort of products I wanted for my own home.

I am passionate to ensure my products use ethically sourced, sustainable materials. Products are hand poured in the South West, supporting my strong focus on local sourcing.

I really hope that you love your Nostara products as much as I do. I’m always happy to chat and would love to hear from you.

Nikki xx