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All Change!

All change!

It’s all going on...

Are you feeling sad, thrilled or relieved about the end of the summer holidays? Or, has it passed you by without event? Either way, now September is here we’ve probably all got that new term feeling.

For us, it’s a time of HUGE change! We’ve survived results day and both our broods have managed to get the ‘key to the door’ to the next stage of their education. And it’s massive changes for all! Two of them have begun their work placements (one in London and one in Belfast). Another is about to start Uni and the youngest has begun college. Between them they’re doing International Business, Chemistry, Marketing and Maths. That’s a good portion of the Nostara business covered - so we can feel a cunning retirement plan coming on! 


So, we’re watching all the #firstdayofschool pics appear online, but don’t think any of ours would pose any more! It does make us wonder where on earth all those years have gone. The saying that ‘the days are long, but the years are short’ certainly rings true. When you’re in the thick of it - with babies, toddlers and little ones you might sometimes count the hours to bedtime. But, trust us, soon you’ll turn around and you’ll have your very own young man or woman looking back at you! Scary!

It’s oh so quiet!

So, life is going to be very different for us this coming year. Our homes are tidier and quieter already! Those of you who have met us at fairs may know our story. We began our business when our respective eldest boys went off to Uni. Many of you responded with knowing smiles and referred to the ‘empty nest syndrome’! Well, we’re almost there, actual child wise. But, as you well know, Nostara is our new baby, and it’s certainly keeping us occupied! A quick tot up of our fairs so far this year reveals that we've already had 70 days of events! And that’s before we start on our busy period leading up to - dare we say the word? - Christmas!

Where’s Nostara next?

Here are a few dates for your diary of when and where you can catch us. This is a little round up of September (with links, so you can click to find out more):

This weekend we’re at the Dorset County Show  (7th and 8th), and we’re featured in the Shopping @ The Avenue Marquee. We attended last year and had a great show, meeting lots of our local customers. The following weekend (14th and 15th) we’re at Sturminster Cheese Festival. A bit of an unusual fit! But, as with most fairs, they have a wide selection of independents offering all sorts - not just cheese! This will be our first time there - it’s supposed to be a real community day with loads of Dorset support. 

Then we’re going all equestrian! We have a stand at the Blenheim Horse Trials on 19th to the 22nd. A first for us, but we’ve found our feet at these big events now - we’re not quite as green as at our first events 14 months ago!

You’ll be shocked to hear that our next booking mentions the ‘C’ word again. But it does also say ‘Early’ a couple times, so all is forgiven! This is a Charity Fairs Association (cfa) fair called the Early, Early Christmas Fair. A real high end fair with an afternoon event and an exclusive evening reception on Tuesday 24th September. This is followed by a full fair day on the 25th. With proceeds in Aid of ABF - The Soldiers Charity, we’re pleased to play a small part. 

We’ll be at the Newbury RDA Autumn Gift Fair,for another cfa fair with a worthy cause, on Thursday 26th. This is raising money for Riding for the Disabled. We’ve not been to this one before, but we’ve met the lovely organisers and are looking forward to catching up with them again.

For our final September event, we’re at Bowood House for the Wiltshire Game & Country Fair. We had a fab day at this one last year and are hoping some of you will come back and say hello.

Phew! We need a lie down just typing that! So that’s it for now - enjoy the month ahead and all that the change of season brings.