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The perfect Christmas gift and new ritual for you

Countdown to Christmas with Nostara

Busy, busy!

You’re in the throws of ticking off shopping lists, cooking up treats, throwing baubles left, right and centre, making nativity costumes and steeling yourself for an influx of family staying for a week!  

Let us help with one thing, by making the present buying that little bit easier…

Our Limited Edition Luxury Christmas Candle - Frosted Fir - is the only gift you’ll need. With Frosted Fir we’ve captured the nostalgic aroma of that magical moment - bringing your Christmas tree into your home (minus the pine needles everywhere!)

The essential oil based fragrance opens with top notes of Clementines and citrus peel, melding into heart notes of Christmassy spices. Bringing the crispness of a forest are Fir Balsam and Sweet Pine, and an earthy richness is present, thanks to the essential oil of Oakmoss Absolute. It’s the equivalent of a big, warm winter’s hug - and who wouldn’t want that this Christmas?

The perfect gift for everyone, it’s easy to wrap and with complimentary delivery it’s the answer to all your gifting dilemmas. Make it easy on yourself this Christmas and use our super easy online store to get Christmas all wrapped up. Make it a Frosted Fir candle all round!

Take a Nostara moment

And what about you? As the festive season gets into full swing why not illuminate your home with the soft, flickering glow of Frosted Fir? Try to carve out some precious ‘me-time’ in this, the most hectic of seasons, and bring a little magic into your life. Bring the outdoors in with this yuletide scent and countdown to Christmas and beyond.

Get merry & bright!

Experience Christmas with all your senses. We’ve no doubt you’ve got the foodie offerings and decor sorted, the cosy throws and even the Christmas playlist. But what about fragrance? Bringing a sense of luxury to the everyday, the Nostara scented candle, Frosted Fir, will complete your sensory Christmas experience.

What better way to give your home the final festive touch? Especially if you’ve chosen a luxurious faux tree this year - you’ll feel instantly festive. The aroma of a real tree is our Christmas gift to you!

Warming and welcoming, there’s nothing like a Christmas Candle to get you into a Christmassy mood. So, put on the music, light a Frosted Fir candle and enjoy a moment of wrapping, chilling or snuggling by the fire and soak up that mountain cabin vibe.

Need any more reasons?

Here are just a few:

  1. Add personality to your home - it will give instant warmth and create a welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Bring that Christmassy feeling - cheery yet atmospheric, the fragrance transports you to the depths of a snowy forest.
  3. It helps to engage all 5 senses for your Christmas experience - smell being such a powerful sensation.
  4. Nostalgia - if you have chosen one of the beautiful faux Firs around this year, you’ll no doubt miss that all encompassing pine fragrance. Frosted Fir will solve this dilemma in an instant.  
  5. For the glow and twinkle - need we say more?
  6. To create new sensory memories for your family. Let Nostara’s luxury Christmas candle be your new festive ritual.

So, whether you’ve been naughty or nice all year we’re sure you deserve a little treat and that your loved ones do too. Make their Christmas wishes come true and indulge the special people in your life today.

The only problem we can foresee is that you’ll want to keep them all for yourself!