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J Lo and Nostara

Well, that doesn’t happen everyday!

Well, that doesn’t happen everyday! You’re curled up, reading a magazine article about Jennifer Lopez (aka J Lo, Jenny from the Block…) and you’re struck by the similarity between you!

No, not the face (no comment), the body (ditto), the musical talents (though Nikki can hold a tune!), dance skills (neither of us is shy of a dance floor) or acting prowess… but the fact that she has an ever-growing range of fragrances that she’s created! She has 29 and counting.

So, we may be lagging behind her a little, but with 7 unique fragrances under our belt, team Nostara felt a little swell of pride on registering that fact. Plus, the fact that two more are currently ‘under construction’ is just a bonus - we’ll be catching her up soon!

Our back catalogue…

So much has happened since our marketing crew (aka our friends, paid in Prosecco) came round to sample the first iterations of our core range. We’re still loving the individual characters of our first borns - from zesty Bergamot & Black Tea to moody Burnished Amber, but we can’t help be a little bit fluttery about the new baby in the wings…

Our new baby…

Yet again, we’ve had the privilege of working with perfumer extraordinaire, Marina Barcenilla. As a multiple winner of Fragrance Foundation Awards (that’s the ‘Oscars’ of the perfumery world to you and me - oh! Look at us with our Hollywood themed blog!), she certainly knows how to help us breathe life into our aroma ideas.  

We’ve loved the process of creating something very different to anything in our existing collection. There will be no spoilers here today but, suffice to say, the new addition is going to be something really wonderful.

We’re testing it as we write - burning samples all around the house, and getting feedback from random visitors. All those of you who’ve met us know that we work very hard to make sure all our Nostara home fragrances have great ‘presence’, but aren’t overpowering - so we ask anyone and everyone for their feedback on this very subjective matter.

This has to be one of our favourite parts of the job - the creative process and having so much input in the fragrance design - we’re giddy with excitement when we do our testing…

So, watch this space - due date to be confirmed soon!


And yet, not content with just one new fragrance in the pipeline, we’ll let you into a little secret. There’s another new addition in the making, and this time we’ve got our friends involved!

Yes, we’ve had the lovely Ross and Ian (aka @our1930sfixerupper instagram ‘stars’) visit us down to in ‘sunny Zummerset’ to have a Fragrance Development Day. What a fab day it was - lovely to catch up with them again, to hear all about their news and future plans and to introduce them to the legendary Marina.

And so it was, on an impossibly sunny day in February (yes, Ross - definitely T shirt weather ;) ) that the process of perfume creation began. Again, no hints for you of what to expect - except to expect something as fabulous as they are! As supreme candle aficionados, they certainly know what they like AND they’d done their homework. So now, Marina is working her magic with all our favourite scent combinations from the day, to wow us all soon….exciting times!

Well, that’s all for now folks. We’ll let you know more soon!

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