Jam, Jerusalem... and Candles - Nostara

Jam, Jerusalem... and Candles

Jam, Jerusalem... and Candles-Nostara

Jam, Jerusalem and Candles

So, we need to brush up on the words to ‘Jerusalem’! We’ve got the tune nailed, but need a refresher on the second verse... Why? Because we are now official speakers for the WI!

Stage Fright!

At the end of last year we had our ‘audition’ with the Somerset Foundation. We were expecting a chat with a couple of representatives over a cuppa and a nice blueberry muffin (one of our 5 a day!). But, reality hit us when we walked into the venue to discover a hall full of ladies, pens poised over feedback forms! In a flurry, we got mic’d up and started recounting our tale of becoming creators of a business, from being stay-at-home mums. Cue, Nikki going bright red and losing the power of speech, whilst Alex surprised herself by quite enjoying being on the stage!

The ladies listened intently and seemed to enjoy hearing about the path that lead us to Nostara - about our former careers (in law and teaching), the baby years through to birds flying the nest, to the full on experience that is now so much more than ‘the day job’!

That’s a yes from me!

Well, we passed the assessment, despite the initial nerves, and we’re now finding our feet and are very happy to be on ‘the circuit’. A highlight for us (aside from the cake!), is getting to chat with everyone after the presentation - getting feedback of their favourite scents, admiring their glam outfits and last, but definitely not least, hearing their stories - both of their achievements in their professional and personal lives. Also, we’ve loved hearing how the WI has added a dimension to their lives of real friendship and community and seeing first-hand what a professional and slick operation it is, ‘a well oiled machine’!

Dragon's Den!

With a couple of presentations under our belt, we’re glad that we took the leap and are out there telling our story. The ladies have been so welcoming and interested – in both our journey and our products - and are so insightful in their questions that we feel this could be good preparation for Dragon’s Den!

The best bit is when we get them all smelling our fragrance strips and seeing their reaction to the aromas. It’s so interesting for us to see who likes what and whether we can guess people’s favourites. The only downside to this part of our presentation is that, often, the calm and quiet of the room descends into giggles and chattering as friends put in their two penneth! This is where Nikki’s teaching experience comes in handy, as she regains control of a riotous room!

We’re thrilled that the ladies are so taken with our candles, reed diffusers and mists. We love that they are spreading the word to their family and friends. So, a big thank you for all your support!

It’s all about you...

When we started Nostara (with virtually no experience in the business world!), we set out to have a more personal touch with our customers. Doing these talks is totally in line with that original vision of really getting to know our customers – their likes, dislikes and their wish lists. Much like with our going out to all our fairs, it’s a way for us to grow organically – to walk before we run and to make genuine connections with people. If you know of a group that might be interested in hearing our story, do get in touch.

And finally...

And finally, back to memorising ‘Jerusalem’ - Nikki can definitely hold the tune, but don’t give Alex a karaoke microphone in a hurry!

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