Naming Fragrances for Nostara Luxury

The Naming Game

The Naming Game-Nostara

 How do you name a fragrance?
Nostara Beach image with golden white sand and palm tree

Naming can be a tricky task - there are no rules. And so we wanted to make sure that our final selections for our luxury home fragrance range were informative, but not too dry. We hoped to convey the 'flavour' of the scent, with facts and a sprinkling of poetry, where appropriate (we’re mixing our senses here, but you get what we mean).


Back in March 2017, there was an official Nostara company meeting held on the Riviera Maya to tackle this question (nice work if you can get it!). OK, truth be told, we had gone with our husbands to celebrate some big milestones…but it did result in some brainstorming sessions at the pool bar…

Mojitos all round!
Nostara image of mojito by the beach with limes

Under the last rays of the day’s sun, with the palm trees swaying and the mojitos flowing, we set to work on naming Nostara’s launch collection. We’d taken mini fragranced candles with us (must have looked slightly odd amongst the holiday reads, going through customs!) with the intention of nailing our names. Taking the candles on our hols? How dedicated!

The idea was that a cocktail fuelled creative session would unleash the ‘inner genius’ in us all and produce such perfect descriptions that just wouldn’t have 'come through' back in the office…

In hindsight, we probably looked a bit mad sniffing tea lights and spouting forth our innermost thoughts, before passing them round for the next person’s flash of inspiration, but hey-ho, a fun experience!

The results?

Well, some of them can’t be printed (that’ll be the rum talking!) - somehow, some of the descriptions went a little off-piste. But actually our naming game did (surprisingly) help! It reinforced our initial ideas on names and descriptions for our luxury scented candles and reed diffusers.

And so, that’s a little glimpse into one of the stages in our Nostara launch collection process.

That’s how we have 'Bergamot & Black Tea', Lime & Juniper Berry', 'Linen & White Gardenia', 'Ebony Rose', 'Sweet Nectarine & Vanilla' and 'Burnished Amber', for your enjoyment.

Now, back to dreaming of Mexico - take us back to those bali beds now!

Nostara image of golden sunset with palm tree by the beach

Nikki & Alex


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