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Linen & White Gardenia Scented Candle

Our Linen & White Gardenia Scented Candle is a clean, uplifting fragrance evoking the sense of freshly laundered linen. Heart notes of White Gardenia & Lily add a light, floral touch to this pure scent.

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Nostara Cyctic Fibrosis sticker graphic for 10% charitable donation

Nostara are proud to support the Cystic Fibrosis Trust with a donation equal to 10% of the selling price of each Linen & White Gardenia candle sold.


    • Nostara candles are made from 100% natural soy wax - an eco-friendly, renewable source which produces a clean, even, long lasting burn. Created in Devon, all our candles are hand poured, meaning that each one is unique - slight variations in the appearance of the wax add to the appeal of our hand finished products. Nostara fragrance led luxury candles have a generous 12% premium quality fragrance and exceptional scent throw. Our 200g candles feature 100% pure cotton wicks and will burn for approximately 40 hours.

      Our candles look gorgeous and smell divine! Everything has been designed and made to the highest possible standard - from our intricately frosted glassware, with our iconic brand logo and motif, to our deluxe Rose Gold lid. The lid will not only keep the wax dust free and protect your surfaces, but also makes your candle look lovely in your home.

      Nostara candles are the perfect present or treat for yourself...bringing a sense of luxury to the everyday.

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      Rose Leaf
      Lemon Balm
      White Gardenia
      Bring the outdoors in with the fragrance of Linen dried in the breeze, with this uplifting ozonic aroma. We love the sense of purity and serenity it gives – the finishing touch to a spotlessly clean home. Opening with the crisp, green freshness of Rose Leaf and Lemon Balm, these top notes mingle with delicate heart notes of White Gardenia, Jasmine and Lily creating a bright and cleansing presence. Powdery base notes of Musk and Vanilla add a tender warmth to cosset you in your home.

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