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The Mood Right Now

The Mood Right Now

New Year, new you - right? 

New Year, new you - right? Well, maybe not this year...The mood right now is all about celebrating you - just as you are. It’s all about balance, all about acceptance - you are enough, right now. Pick up any glossy magazine and the new vibe is to ditch the usual self berating resolutions, and instead to focus on nurturing yourself. And that’s your current, ‘perfectly imperfect’ self - not the new improved one you hope might miraculously appear in February, after a month of self deprivation. Team Nostara is all for that!

After our first complete calendar year in business, we appreciate (now more than ever!) the need for balance and self care. We’re all for going 100% into whatever you’re doing, but making time to re-set and keep yourself grounded and nurtured is right up there too. So we’re taking a healthy attitude to all our consumption this January and just trying to be more mindful and conscious in our choices.


With that in mind


And talking of mindfulness, we’ve learnt that one key thing to gaining head space, is having a sanctuary to return to. After a few months of neglect (whilst we hit the fairs in our run up to Christmas) our homes have had the touch of TLC they needed, too! A bit of spring cleaning and de-cluttering has been undertaken (we’ve not quite achieved Marie Kondo’s Konmari tidying up - but you get the picture…) and we’re feeling all the better for it.

We’re clearing the decks to make the focus our most cherished treasures and making space to enjoy our time at home with friends and family. Time is definitely becoming our most prized commodity (especially when we look at how full the 2019 diary is already!) and so we want to squeeze the most out of that.


Home inspiration


Our homes are a little bit more streamlined and cleansed. They're also a little more empty as we've said goodbye to some more of our broods. Our boys have gone back to uni and, for Nikki, son no 2 off on an adventure to Canada's slopes... all change!  So, we’re also seeking that little bit more comfort and beauty in them. Having been featured in editions of House and Garden magazine in 2018, Nostara has enjoyed flicking through the pages again for home inspiration. We’re wanting to make a real nest for us (and our family!) to return to, so we’re thinking soft throws and candlelight (naturally! Burnished Amber anyone?), texture, colour and scent.

Sounds perfect to us!