Nostara Notebook

It's Show Time!-Nostara

It's Show Time!

We're looking for Wombles! We’re off to Morden Park this Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. It’s pretty near Wimbledon Common and so we’d like to think (with our 1970’s childhoods) that we might get to see some Wombles! 

Then, we're searching for wellbeing vibes at our next few fairs - check out where we'll be...

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Jam, Jerusalem... and Candles-Nostara

Jam, Jerusalem... and Candles

So, we need to brush up on the words to ‘Jerusalem’! We’ve got the tune nailed, but need a refresher on the second verse... Why? Because we are now official speakers for the WI! 

Find out about why we took the plunge and what we've learnt from the experience...

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J Lo & Nostara-Nostara

J Lo & Nostara

Well, that doesn’t happen everyday! You’re curled up, reading a magazine article about Jennifer Lopez (aka J Lo, Jenny from the Block…) and you’re struck by the similarity between you!

Find out why in this entry of the Nostara Notebook and hear what we've been up to this month...

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The Mood Right Now-Nostara

The Mood Right Now

The mood right now is all about celebrating you - just as you are. It’s all about balance, all about acceptance - you are enough, right now. Pick up any glossy magazine and the new vibe is to ditch the usual self berating resolutions, and instead to focus on nurturing yourself. Team Nostara is all for that...
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On the nice list? Make it Nostara...-Nostara

On the nice list? Make it Nostara...

We know it can be overwhelming to choose the right present, but picking the perfect scent can really show how much you care. There’s no other sense as transportive and nostalgic as smell - selecting something so personal will show how much thought you’ve put into their gift this year. Let us guide you through the options...
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Now we are One...-Nostara

Now we are One...

As soon as we blinked at the end of the summer season of Country Fairs (like startled rabbits in the headlights!), we were staring our Christmas Fairs list in the eye! So, we’re packing up our wares (why are our arms not toned yet?!) and wrapping up warm ready to for the next phase - our first proper Christmas of getting out into the world.
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Where have we been?!-Nostara

Where have we been?!

As the weather and leaves start to turn, here at Nostara we’ve definitely got that ‘Back to School’ feeling… but what of the Summer? Why haven’t we been blogging during the last few months? Because we’ve been busy, busy busy!
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Wild Tweed - Fun in the sun!-Nostara

Wild Tweed - Fun in the sun!

Hear all about our debut show at the Wild Tweed event. In balmy weather we took our place in the glorious setting of E J Churchill's Pavilion to show case our home fragrance.With a laid back festival vibe, artisanal offerings and premium shopping on offer, it was a superb event.

Let us guide you through all the other shopping delights - all cherry-picked, premium brands. We can feel an internet shopping spree coming on!


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Ostara: The Goddess of Spring-Nostara

Ostara: The Goddess of Spring

Ostara: The Goddess of Spring and the origin of our brand name - not that we’re claiming to be goddesses (!), but as a metaphor for new beginnings, it seemed the perfect start for the name of our new venture.
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#Scent Memories-Nostara

#Scent Memories

As part of our membership of The Fragrance Foundation, we are thrilled to play a part in National Fragrance Week (5th -11th March 2018). Celebrating all things fragrant, as a fledgling luxury brand we are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the ‘Big Powers of Flowers’ - that’s the giants of the Fragrance Industry to you and me! The campaign aims to connect us all to our favourite fragrance memories...
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How to get the most from your candle-Nostara

How to get the most from your candle

How to care for your candle? How hard can it be? Well, it’s not rocket science, but there are a few important pointers. Here are our tips and tricks that can really make a difference to the enjoyment and value you receive from your candle...
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The perfect Christmas gift and new ritual for you-Nostara

The perfect Christmas gift and new ritual for you

The Nostara Limited Edition Luxury Christmas Candle - Frosted Fir - is the only gift you’ll need. With Frosted Fir we’ve captured the nostalgic aroma of that magical moment - bringing your Christmas tree into your home (minus the pine needles everywhere!)
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